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Version: 7.0 and up - Updated: November 8, 2018
This game will give you the most realistic feeling of an Modern Air Combat with new experiences in Virtual Reality environment.Air combat VR simulates realistic space using 3D jet and cockpit fighter models, come with by sound and visual effects from real dogfight.NOTE: support ...
Version: Vwd - Updated: January 5, 2019
Join us in our slots journey to explore the Golden Palace of King Midas, the rich king from the myth who turned everything he touched into gold! You don’t have to be an aristocratic Lord or Lady to enter his magnificent place. You just need to download our newest gold slots: King Midas Slots ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 20, 2019
A fun and dynamic game for all ages .....The cheerful pug brothers Bingo and Rolly never sit still.Every day they invent new games and entertainments, travel around the world,learn a lot of new and interesting about the culture and tradition of different countries. But no matter how ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 21, 2019
Recruit heroes and battle your way to glory! Fight in dungeons, defeat powerful raid bosses and find legendary items!- Many unique hero classes, each with their own playstyle, abilities and upgrades.- Discover new areas and enemies along your journey.- Special raid ...
Version: 5.0 and up - Updated: February 18, 2019
Straight Octane brings you the most intense racing game. Built with an advanced track design system, you race on tracks that twist, loop, and wind through space. Pull off insane drifts around turns to fill your nitro bar, and then release the fury with a blast of turbo. Gear up with bold bike ...
Version: 4.4 and up - Updated: February 20, 2019
Easy to play drift car racing, tap anywhere on the screen when it comes to the corners and drift wildly.Run across other players who try to make the highest score on the endless race track.Buy the best buggies for diamonds boiler free. Be the fastest.Show everyone you're a ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: January 29, 2019
Prefect hit
Version: 2.3.3 and up - Updated: August 25, 2017
Réflexion est un casse tête fun et unique en son genre Trouver les bonne combinaison et la solution au énigmeAvec votre doigt diriger la balle en traçant sa trajectoire
Version: 2.3 and up - Updated: December 24, 2018
Последователь Calcumana: тренажёр для выработки умения быстро считать в столбик;- наряду с классическим счётом, где нужно определять результат, есть режим ...
Version: Vwd - Updated: February 18, 2019
Crawl through the rads, craft loot in the wasteland, tap to defeat monsters and carve out a shelter in the apocalypse in this unique Idle RPG! Allocate skill points, collect hundreds of atomic items and prestige your way across 6 zones in Idle Wasteland!This is a Wasteland RPG idle game ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 18, 2019
Bravo Encounter Combat Strike is the first-person shooter that all players like. It is the best of the latest shooting action games. If you want to fight in the real battlefield and modern warfare style, choose to install this game. Bravo Encounter Combat Shootout Use powerful weapons to fight ...
Version: 5.0 and up - Updated: July 23, 2018
Become the legend in this classic endless Dash game ,one of the most classic endless Dash game with amazing mecha robots and ultimate cyber soldiers!easy to Run and keep the high combo!collect coins ,get awesome new robots!Keep running and have fun while doing it!
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 15, 2019
Swipe your Box fire ball and break the blocks.Try to break as many bricks as possible.Break as many blocks as you can to earn money and update cute tank shooter, make it powerful and fast speeded.Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!Game Features ox vs Block ...
Version: 4.4 and up - Updated: February 18, 2019
Jogo de realidade virtual, onde o jogador pode explorar um vale como quiser, ver os dinossauros no seu tamanho real.
Version: 4.0 and up - Updated: February 20, 2019
Block Puzzle is a fun and classic block game and time based brick puzzle game !And our Block Puzzle is not just that. It is more Simple and addictive!Once you start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you will love it!There is no need to worry about pass to levels. Because all ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 20, 2019
Дар ин барнома масъалаҳо ва саволҳои ҷолиб ворид карда шудаанд, ки шуморо ба фикр кардан водор месозад. Ин барнома ҳам барои калонсолон ва кӯдакон, хонандагон ва ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 20, 2019
Are you talented enough to get 2048?Swipe to move tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one of the next number up. Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest number.
Version: 3.0 and up - Updated: October 10, 2018
Duterte Du30 Monster Truck Endless Driving and Jumping Gameplay. Enjoy Playing!Earn coins to upgrade truck. Avoid obstacles and out balance to continue driving.Made in the Philippines :)
Version: 4.0.3 and up - Updated: February 13, 2019
Big family of 4 kinds of jumping games! Keep jump and survive longer. Easy to control and smooth to play. All you can do is watch out and jump jump. Exercise your coordination and reactivity. Don’t stop and enjoy the visual feast!TOP FEATURES: -Vivid and active User’s ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 19, 2019
A Marvel Cinematic Universe quiz from a devoted Marvel fan a real MCU quiz to test if you have the will to bring balance to the universe.
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 19, 2019
2248 Plus Connect DotsEasy to play- Slide the number up, down, left, right, diagonal in any of the eight directions.- Link two same numbers as a start.- The next link number can be the same or can be multiplied by 2.- The result is a multiple of 2 for all linked numbers ...
Version: 2.3 and up - Updated: September 5, 2017
Create combinations of 3 in a row. Use bonuses and play increasingly interesting puzzles. Move on the map faster than your Facebook friends. Download the best game in its genre for FREE and enjoy!Build your own planet of gems!
Version: 4.0 and up - Updated: February 18, 2019
have fun racing through the neon city while creating awesome moves and flipsNo 1 killer game with an awesome graphics , cool colorful neon theme, nice car and cityHow far can you go?Beat your high score casually 0c9908889d
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 1, 2019
“Zombie Hero: Battle Legends”Zombie Hero is a thrilling mixture of strategy and vigorous battles to create a powerful zombie crusade game. This Battle Zombie Hero game has a cool amazing fight against zombie armies With superb graphics and amazing gameplay in addition to attractive cool ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 19, 2019
* Racing World is an addictive game especially designed for racing game lovers.* It has multiple difficulty levels ranging from beginner to pro.* Children of any age can play this game in easy level.* If you think you can do some score in pro level, think again :D
Version: 4.0.3 and up - Updated: April 24, 2018
english premier league app is designed for all fans of the most popular sport in the world - soccer. Do you know much aboutenglish premier league clubs? This is probably the english premier league. Prove your ability with this game. If you success guess team name in this english premier league ...
Version: Vwd - Updated: February 15, 2019
King of Defense: Battle Frontier is a special tower defense game. The combination of turrets improves the tactics for the player. In this game, players can stack the turrets together to create the best strategy for the level. The kingdom border is alarmed by the invasion of monsters. ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 18, 2019
you can unlock all cars and all levels by collecting money or by watching video .
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 19, 2019
Tongue is a casual and entertaining mobile game for everyone. Elementary controls, humorous graphics, simple, but breathtaking gameplay won’t leave players indifferent! Not just turtles may fight with swords – choose a frog, arm her with a blade and strike enemies with a ...
Version: 4.1 and up - Updated: February 19, 2019
You'll be threatened by glowing boxes flying at you from the front and above. Dodge them and stay alive as long as possible! You're only a small puck in a dangerous world of boxes.